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Leapfish Review - Is an opportunity, scam, or just another meta search site?

It's a typical scene. A person with online marketing responsibilities is contacted by a company called LeapFish with a special opportunity to buy the right to be a permanent top three placement in a great new search engine. If a voicemail is left it will soon be followed by phone calls until that marketer is on the phone with the smooth and persistent LeapFish salesperson. If the sale is not closed, more calls will follow to that marketing manager if the deal isn't closed the persistent salesperson will go around the marketer trying to get to someone with more authority and less specialized understanding, ideally a CEO. During a typical business day this process is going on with 80 salespeople approaching 80 companies at a time. Is an opportunity, scam or just another Web 2.0 search site that not many people will flock to?

I was walked through their pitch. It was a decent AJAX interface that changed as you typed. It served up link, image, video and other results from Google and several more sources. It struck me as an updated with some of the features of Microsoft's old image search. It was nice but I couldn't see myself or many others leaving Google and Yahoo search to use LeapFish. I also don't like buying a spot in a results set; I'd rather pay for performance with cost per action such as pay per click or pay per sale.

LeapFish Review Continued


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