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Our goal is to provide a place for employers, employees, consultants, and business operators to compare salary, rate and income information. Please take a minute to fill out our salary survey to our grow the community's database.

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Free Salary Survey - Salary Map is striving to attain the biggest collection of information anywhere to educate everyone about the average salary worldwide and locally as well. This information is submitted through a salary survey that is quick and easy to complete. By gathering the specific information about your job salary, we can have a wider database for our calculations, giving both the employer and the employee the correct information about the career they are seeking.

Recent Salary Survey Data

Title Salary Industry Location
CEO And President(5/30/13) $160,000Health Care Pocatello, ID, US
Nonprofit Program Coordinator(4/22/13) $ 47,500Health Care San Francisco, CA, US
Payroll Specialist(10/26/12) $ 49,560Small Business Burleson, TX, US
Assistant Vice President(9/23/12) $ 30Consulting Delhi, , IN
Office Administrator(6/26/12) $ 65,000Financial Reston, VA, US
Software Consultant(5/31/12) $ 50 /hrOil and Gas Houston, TX, US
Java Developer(2/9/12) $ 5,000Retail Sao Paulo, , BR
Manager(12/22/11) $610,000Marketing Noida, , IN
Consultant(12/8/11) $150,000Consulting Gaithersburg, MD, US
Project Manager(11/4/11) $ 70 /hrConsulting Waldorf, MD, US
Cpa(8/3/11) $ 30,000Financial West Chester, PA, US
Accounts Payable(6/22/11) $ 40,000ISP Calgary, , CA
patient account represenative(6/8/11) $ 17Health Care Chandler, AZ, US
Sr. Sales Application Engineer(5/29/11) $ 67,500Manufacturing Maple Grove, MN, US
Respiratory Therapist(5/28/11) $ 54,000Health Care Chicago, IL, US
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The salary survey is brief and your information is going to help many people who might be thinking they need a raise in their current positions, when in reality they are getting paid more than the average wages. You can also check your current salary against others in your field to see if you are being underpaid for your current position.

Employers can do research about the various career salary amounts that are being paid to employees who are in the position that you might be adding to your team. This will give employers a good starting base when hiring new employees. No employer wants to overpay right from the start. It’s always better to do the research required when hiring new people in positions that are being added to the company rather than just taking what your new hire is requesting. Check to make sure they are in the right price range for the position you will be hiring them for.

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People looking to switch careers can learn what careers pay the most by using the salary comparison our site has to offer. After you submit your current salary information, have a look at the different salaries for the positions and careers that interest you. You might be surprised to find out that what you are skilled in is paying much more in a different city. It might be worth much more in a different part of the globe or just a few cities away. If you could make thousands more each year for the same thing you are doing now, it might be worth investigating the cost of living in the city that has the higher wages to make sure you would actually be making more money each year by moving.

Students considering what line of work they would like to do when they attain their degree should also be aware of what the average salary is for the different paths their career could go in. Earning more money is why you worked so hard for your degree in the first place, right? Use the salary comparison to view many different careers that you could choose to see which one pays the most for the areas you want to live in.

Find out about the career salary of any kind of work at, no matter what your motivations are. Employers, employees, those seeking work, and students can all benefit from the salary information we have to offer.

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